Adding SubTabs to Workflows

Piklist Workflow tabs can be enhanced with unlimited subtabs, allowing you to create more complex, but easy to manage, user interfaces.

New to Piklist?

IMPORTANT: You should already have a Piklist Workflow system set up before using this tutorial. If you do not, you can reference this tutorial.

In this example, we are going to place a subtab under a tab called My Tab.

  1. Create a file under the /workflows folder.
  2. The file header can contain all the parameters you use for a normal Workflow file. Additionally, you will add a Tab parameter which defines which tab your subtab will display under.

The following code snippet will display a subtab titled My Subtab, under a tab called My Tab in the My Workflow Flow, and make it the default tab.

Title: My Subtab
Order: 10
Flow: My Workflow
Tab: My Tab
Default: true

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