Building Pointers without code



Piklist let’s you build WordPress Pointers without code. No PHP. No Javascript.

In this tutorial, we will create a simple WordPress pointer.

New to Piklist?
  • Create a PHP file in your /parts/pointers/ folder. If the folder doesn’t exist, then create it.
  • Add the following code to your file:
Title: WordPress Dashboard
Anchor ID: #menu-dashboard
Edge: top
Align: bottom

<p>The WordPress dashboard is a great place to get information about your website.</p>

The comment block at the top takes a minimum of four parameters:

  • Title: The title of your pointer.
  • Anchor ID: The ID of the item you want to attach the pointer to. This can be a div #, li #, any HTML ID.
  • Edge: Which edge of the pointer (left, right, top, bottom) should be adjacent to the target.
  • Align: How the pointer should be aligned on this edge, relative to the target (top, bottom, left, right, middle).

That’s it! You have a new pointer.

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