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Piklist Add-ons allow you to put a plugin in your theme or Piklist plugin. This allows you to package full featured plugins that are only available when your theme or plugin is active.

A good example of this is the Piklist Demos that come with Piklist itself.

Creating a Piklist add-on is not much different than creating a Piklist plugin. The difference is, the plugin lives in the /add-ons folder in your theme or plugin.

  1. Review the Piklist folder structure and create an /add-ons folder in the appropriate location.

  2. Add another folder to hold your plugin. It should look like: /add-ons/my-plugin.

  3. Now write your plugin as you normally would.

When your theme or plugin is activated, you will find your add-on, in the “Piklist > Add-ons” menu.

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