Create your own field

With Piklist, you can easily create your own fields to use in your projects.

  • To start, you should have a /parts folder in your theme or plugin to put Piklist parts files.
  • Add a subfolder called /fields/. The structure should look like /parts/fields/.
  • Create a file in the /fields/ folder. Any files in this folder can become fields automatically registered with Piklist.
  • The name of your file is important since it will become the name of your field. For demonstration purposes we’ll create our own checkbox field and call it my-checkbox, so the file name is my-checkbox.php.
  • Depending on the type of field you want to create, you may want to copy/paste from an existing Piklist field. For this demo, we are going to open the default Piklist checkbox file, piklist/parts/fields/checkbox.php, copy everything and paste it into my-checkbox.php.
  • Make any changes to this field you like, and you’re done!


When using your new checkbox, use the type my-checkbox. It should look like this:

piklist('field', array(
    'type' => 'my-checkbox', // custom field type
    'field' => 'custom-checkbox',
    'label' => 'Custom Select Field',
    'choices' => array(
      'first' => 'First Choice',
      'second' => 'Second Choice',
      'third' => 'Third Choice'

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