What is Piklist

What is Piklist?

Piklist is an incredibly powerful framework for WordPress. When using Piklist to enhance your WordPress themes or plugins, you will be able to build more powerful, flexible websites with less code. Just install Piklist as you would a normal WordPress plugin, and then start writing code in your theme or plugin. This website should help you get started and provide a quick reference.

Most people use Piklist to add fields in the WordPress admin area, but you can do a lot more with Piklist. Check out the main Piklist help section to learn more.

Piklist is a code-based framework, which means it has no user interface. We believe this is one of the biggest benefits to using Piklist. Code based systems allow you flexibility in your field configurations and development, and will save you time in the long run. With Piklist you can usually use the same code you have written in one section and use it in another, allowing you to copy and paste, and save tons of time.

We’ve worked hard to make Piklist easy to use for beginners, and powerful enough for developers… and our users all agree!

There’s jQuery-for-Javascript and Rails-for-Ruby. Now there is Piklist-for-WordPress.

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