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With Piklist you can create and enhance almost every part of WordPress.

  • Admin Notices

    Dismissable or standard admin notices that can be on every admin page, or just specific ones.

  • Admin Pages

    Create "About" pages and more, with customizable forms.

  • Dashboard Widgets

    Easy dashboard widgets for Multisite or Single site
  • Custom Fields

    The simplest, most powerful way to create custom fields in WordPress
  • Frontend Forms

    Powerful forms that can do anything you can imagine.
  • Help Tabs

    Easily add WordPress help tabs to any page.
  • Media Library

    Totally customize your Media Library pages.
  • Pointers

    Create step-by-step tutorials in the admin.
  • Post Types

    Register Post Types with Piklist and add power to your post types.
  • Settings

    The simplest way to add settings pages in WordPress.
  • Shortcodes

    Piklist automatically creates a UI for your shortcodes.
  • Taxonomies

    Register Taxonomies with Piklist and add power to your terms.
  • Update Scripts

    Let Piklist handle update scripts for your plugin or theme.
  • Users

    Totally customize the user screens.
  • Widgets

    Easily add widgets to your plugin or theme.
  • Workflow Tabs

    Break up any page with an advanced tab system.

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